Breast Spanking

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Breast Spanking

Postby Homey » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:20 pm

Ever since I read the book Commander Amanda I have been interested in breast punishment. I have spanked my wife's breasts a few times, but she says that it hurts too much. I had a friend that spanked his wife's nipples quite often as punishment. He has even done it in front of others.

Is there a safe way to do this without causing any permanent injury? I have also seen my friend insert needles in his wife's nipples, is there any danger in this?

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby guest » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:27 pm

well, my bf/master sometimes punishes me on my breasts. he bought this fantastic whip, and it can hurt if he wants it to, or not if he doesn't. he has me hold my arms above my head and whips my breasts with it. The nature of the whip is such that it does not leave permanent damage at all. the whole area is red and stingy, but it goes away in a day or so.

So, if i were you i would just get a nice whip. because it will sting her, and contact with the nipples is intense, but she definitely wouldn't say it hurts too much. depending how hard the whipping is, it can actually feel quite nice and erotic. if you do it hard, it can be a real punishment, but if you do it more lightly, it is perfect for some erotic play!

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby Titmaster » Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:21 pm

While I was in Capetown South Africa working some ten years, I was a manager of this company that employed many black women and they were really good looking. Well, the crunch of the matter was there were these two women who were good workers but used to play around too much and were not taking heed to what they were doing.

One day they messed up badly on the production line around 4.15 and they finished work at 4.30 so they were made to stay behind to clean up the mess.

I went into the office to make up their pay as they were both getting fired; then, about 6pm they knocked at my door and came into the office where they both knew they were going to be fired.

They started to plead with me not to fire them but to punish them insisted and I replied that was not proper, then they told me that the previous manager used to punish them and some of the other girls all the time.

I asked what did he do and they told me that for what they had done they would get 60 strokes with the cane on the butt; this would be done in three stages Mon. Wed and Fri, but they would have 20 strokes with the reed brush on their breasts to make sixty one on the same day as the first 20 strokes of the cane then miss a day then it would be alternative days to the caning.

I told them that I knew how to use the cane and would lay it on but I have never used a reed brush on the breasts with that they went out into the locker room and brought out a thin bamboo cane and a hand brush made from reed this was specially made by the girl for this punishment.

They came back into the office where they produced the cane and the reed brush then they both stripped naked and assumed the positions they both knelt down and put their hand behind their head stuck out their chests then said to stand on the side on them as they were one behind the other then told me to hit each breast with one downwood stroke then one frontal stroke and alternate between them but not to stop until they both had the twenty strokes each as soon as I had finished the first girl she unsizpped we and blew me off os I was rock hard when I finished the second girl's breasts they change places as the other girl bent to take the cane.

When it was over I saw that the girls breasts had dozens of crill gross line tha left the lines but the girls said they went in two day's ready for the next session they then said that it stung but they did not suffer any pain.

This was carried out every day to one or more of the girls for the two years I was there and the breast whipping was better for me than the caning although the cane used to leave a welt for days.

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby guest » Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:20 pm

While I was in Capetown South Africa working some ten years

what the fuck??
you made that up?

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby Titmaster » Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:49 pm

No that is a true story

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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby Titmaster » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:39 pm

Does anyone have a better way of spanking breasts than the reed brush and a thin whip?

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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:09 pm

Titmaster wrote:Does anyone have a better way of spanking breasts than the reed brush and a thin whip?


i have been spanked with a belt on my breasts. it can hurt too much if you do it real hard, but it is definitely doable if you don't go crazy with it.

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby misshay » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:09 pm

one of my partners likes to spank my breasts with a rubber flip flop. This leaves no marks but stings deliciously.
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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby AWizardOfAss » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:10 am

Breast spanking, etc., is great! :P

I found that, while some girls are very sensitive there, others can take A LOT. Of course, the same statement could be made about many things...

In my films, I primarily use floggers, leather straps and belts on the breasts. Sometimes, caning, too.

For some great breast whipping, etc., check out :

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ImageThe Schoolgirl vs. the Pain Slut : Enema/Spanking/Caning Dominance
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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby kinkygirl » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:20 pm

i agree that one can take a fair amount of whipping on one's breasts! i'm NOT a "pain slut" by any means, but i like a decent amount of whipping, slapping and paddling on my boobs :) the bruises, if any, recover fairly quickly.

heavy-duty nipple clamps, on the other hand, i'm still trying to get used to :oops:

Re: Breast Spanking

Postby tanyalovesbdsm » Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:57 pm

i tend to be a submissive with men and a dominant with other women...

the most intense, and VERY BEST, breast spanking i've ever taken or given was while tied up upside down, with the hands tied up behind the back :twisted:

even a light breast spanking or flogging in that position is, like, WOW!!!
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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby aae » Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:05 pm

in one of my best erotic encounters (perhaps the best day of my life? 8-)), i managed to line up 2 girls side-by-side on a bed.

one girl was face up, one face down.

i got to spank the butt of one and the breasts of the other one simultaneously!! :D :D :D :D :D :D what an experience, i still feel shaky just at the thought of it....
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Re: Breast Spanking

Postby yourbuttismine » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:26 pm

aae wrote:i got to spank the butt of one and the breasts of the other one simultaneously!!

WOW, that must've been an awesome experience! i hope it'll happen to me some day...

meanwhile, i've enjoyed spanking and (usually lightly) whipping the breasts of a few of my past girlfriends :)

i've found that even girls who aren't much or at all into the bdsm scene can enjoy some breast spanking as part of their "rough sex" fantasy.
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