Large-volume enema & diaper fantasy

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Large-volume enema & diaper fantasy

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:25 pm

I am a kind and gentle 53-year old man. I am quite "normal", except I enjoy something that, as all of you know, isn't exactly "socially

I am looking for an "attractive-to-me" woman, from 18 to 38 years of age for the following adventure.

I would first lay you on your tummy and gently massage and carress you, using a warm lotion/lubricant, paying special attention to the preparation of the area that receives enemas. I then would give you a very warm, soothing, soapy, very slowly and gently-administered 2 quart enema.

I would introduce all the water you can hold while laying on your tummy, then have you lay on your left side, then the right side, and finally on your back. The objective is to give you the biggest enema you can comfortably hold.

Then, I will diaper your bottom with an adequate number of layers to absorb all the water. Afterwards, you will lay on your tummy again and hold the enema for as long as possible. When you simply can't hold it any longer, you will have a messy bowel movement in your diapers. You may stay in your messy diaper for as long as you like.

At that point, I will gently change your diapers, clean your bottom, anus, and vagina with warm soapy water. I then diaper you again, just in case you need to have another messy bowel movement. Throughout all of this adventure, I will be talking softly to you and caressing your whole body.

Re: Large-volume enema & diaper fantasy

Postby Guest » Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:51 am

:oops: That sounds lovely but I would like to get a very hard spanking with a belt on my bare freshly cleaned bottom. for messing in my diaper.

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