AUTOMATIC Forums registration for ALL paysite members :)

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AUTOMATIC Forums registration for ALL paysite members :)

Postby AWizardOfAss » Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:09 pm

:arrow: If you are, or were in the past, a member of any of our paysites, you're now AUTOMATICALLY registered on these message boards

:arrow: The message boards require a SEPARATE login, but you can simply use the SAME username/password that you use -- or used -- to log into the site (even if your site membership has expired) :D

It was a complex programming job, because the software for the paysite memberships is totally unrelated to the software for the message boards -- and getting them to communicate was no easy task...

But we finally figured it out, and attained the "Grand Unification" of our site memberships and forum registration!

That fulfills a goal of the new owners of the site: to move away from message boards as something that resides "off to the side" from the sites, away at a distance (and often "out of sight, out of mind.")

To make it easier for people to post, we allow posting in most forums without registration. Nonetheless, though not required, registration is convenient. For example, it lets you see new messages since your last login, it lets you find or edit all your posts, and it lets you send private messages to other users. (Fuller list of advantages of registration.) BUT registering, though free and quite easy, is still a little extra work. So, for your convenience, we're doing it for you!

This is what we did:

1) We registered in bulk all our current and past site members, unless their email address or username was already in use in the forums. (If your username was an email address, we dropped the @ and the part after that; only very few people were affected. We also dropped any username that sounded like a real full name, for privacy.)
FORMER members -- now expired -- were included, too, but our past membership record only goes back to the site-owner transition, in November 2010.

2) We changed the software in such a way that when people buy a new membership they also automatically get an account in these forums.

And, to re-iterate:

:arrow: No site membership is required to post on these message boards. They are, and they remain, FREE. In fact, you don't even need the free registration to post in most sections! The automated registration is just a convenience for our paysite members.

:arrow: Even though it's the same username/password as for the sites, the forums still require a separate login.

It doesn't get any easier to post your comments, fantasies, questions or personal ads! So, just overcome your typing shyness and do it ;)
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