NEW OWNER = Better Sites. Here's why... Updated Nov. 1, 2012

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NEW OWNER = Better Sites. Here's why... Updated Nov. 1, 2012

Postby AWizardOfAss » Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:35 pm

[Last updated Nov. 1, 2012]


IMPORTANT NOTE: we now offer many more payment options than the old owner :) We can accept : online checks (U.S.) / VISA / Mastercard / Discover / JCB / Diners / Lastschrift / Automatische Incasso / Cargo Bancario / Direct Debit


In November 2010, the sites and (aka were transferred to a new owner, under the new names and, which a few months later got renamed .

The transfer of ownership was not as smooth as we would have liked. The lack of a seamless transition was NOT the fault of the new owner. Nonetheless, WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE DISRUPTION AND THE INCONVENIENCE!

:arrow: If you were on a recurring membership plan under the old owner, you were automatically transferred over and everything should continue to be the same for you: no action is required on your part. More details...

The new owner is doing everything in its power to finish up the transfer, and to improve the sites.

HERE ARE THE NEW OWNER'S IMPROVEMENTS SO FAR (this list will be periodically updated, so please come back for the latest):

*) Drop in price all across the board.

*) PROBLEMS WITH DOWNLOADS in the past? We moved to a new server, with new software. Extensive testing is showing that the old problem of very slow/hanging downloads is gone :D (If you were severely affected in the past, send us a note with details, and we'll consider giving you a free extension to your past membership)

*) We increased the bitrate (quality) of new video (it's now 1,700 bps, which means very high quality)

*) We reversed the relative neglect of photo updates that was the case with the old owner. Photo updates have resumed, and will continue (video will remain a key focus, of course.)

*) New billing options. No credit card? No problem! The old owner only allowed credit-card payments. By contrast, we also allow electronic checks (U.S.) and various European debit methods (Lastschrift / Automatische Incasso / Cargo Bancario / Direct Debit), as well as VISA / Mastercard / Discover / JCB / Diners.

*) We switched billing to one of the best, most reputable, billing companies in the industry: DHD Media. They're now handling all site subscriptions -- and provide far better customer service with billing matters, including 24/7 email/phone service.

*) We got rid of the zipped files that were used as containers for some of the video clips. I.e., one less step for you. (Photo sets are still presented as zipped files.)

*) We're "rescuing" (and releasing at extra-high quality) films that had previously been overlooked, such as Reform School for Teens: Kyra

*) We're planning to institute a special bonus portion of the site exclusively reserved as a special treat for our long-term members.

*) Webmasters, we switched to a new affiliate program, run by DHD Media (one of the major billing companies); it will provide you with better customer service and faster payouts. Details about our new affiliate program

*) We eliminated some of the "small aggravations of life". For example, no need to remember your user name: you now have the choice to log in using either your username or your email address.

*) Occasionally, we re-issue what used to be short enema clips in we re-master them and release them as FULL-LENGTH films, at MUCH HIGHER video quality. This happens periodically -- but most updates are NEW films or photo sets. More details
( wasn't affected, because it always presented films as full-length features.)

*) We achieved a far better INTEGRATION of the paysites and the user message boards. For example : 1) most site pages (if you're logged in) show a post randomly selected from the entire message boards. 2) forums registration happens automatically for all paysite members, current and past ones (details)

*) WE WILL MAKE AMENDS for the disruptions you endured.
:arrow: If you feel you got a raw deal in the past, please send us a note explaining the circumstances, and we will make make it up to you (for example, by extending your old expired membership)

*) In December 2011, we launched an exciting 3rd site, focusing on girls' first-time introduction to kinky play:

*) In June 2012, we launched, which allows you to pick individual clips and photo sets; pay only for what you want! That's something that a lot of people had been asking us. This new site also features advanced search/filtering options -- and we're beginning to invite other studios to submit content, to supplement video/photos from "A Wizard of Ass" Productions.

Sorry again about the past disruption! The sites are now fully "back to normal" -- and in fact much better than before :D

I will remain one of the webmasters under the new ownership.

-Andre Chance, director of "A Wizard of Ass" Studio

:arrow: To sign up : links for EnemaWizardVideo, for SchoolgirlSexPunishment, and for

:arrow: Our newest site, , offers a free registration that will give you a starting balance at no charge :)
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