Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

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Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by AWizardOfAss » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:26 pm

DeanSemler wrote:For Missy - random - but when I saw Missy's first video, I thought that she'd never return for more - she seemed completely out of her element ... then it's like things changed - what happened??

You're very perceptive, Dean! Missy came close to freaking out more than once in the years I've know her -- and she truly freaked out at the end of her 3rd film, soon to be released on our new site (we had to cut short that filming.)

But she gradually became more comfortable. That's typical of many first-timer models; they are our specialty.

If you are a Missy fan, and watch her films in sequence, you will see how she progressively gets more at ease -- even with enemas, which she initially hated.

It takes time, persistence, patience, education, understanding, instigating, test sessions, etc, to deal with first-timer models, especially the shy ones. I can easily see why other film companies wouldn't want to deal with that LOL But we're extra good at that, and enjoy the authentic experiences and real-life "character arcs."

Example of "early Missy" (the very first film in her life):


Example of "later Missy":


Likewise, it's hard to recognize the Image super-shy Ivy of her first film, shot within weeks of her turning 18, from the girl she became in later films, such as
Image in this one

:arrow: Our new site, , specifically focuses on the first kinky experiences, in a non reform-school environment (the latter are covered in

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by DeanSemler » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:44 pm

For Missy - random - but when I saw Missy's first video, I thought that she'd never return for more - she seemed completely out of her element ... then it's like things changed - what happened??

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by virgininheat » Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:49 pm

I was reading about the wild story, and felt my thighs throbbing, with
desperate desires, and arousals.

It was a great story, about how they had to try to put the giant plug in...
I think I would be getting too tight, when he tried to do it,
and it would be too hard to insert,
but it sounds really nice to be able to have a gentle wizard, like that, to
know what to do. Maybe once he can get it in, maybe it would be
good? I don't know, I have never tried it, or anything. Anyway, it was
a long story, and I liked it a lot,
little virgin

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by shykatie » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:46 pm

well, as a matter of fact, i DID watch that movie, and volumes 2 and 3 as well. they helped me! since the time i first posted, i've started playing with enemas... :oops: i'm not very advanced yet, but it's going well!!!

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by AWizardOfAss » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:23 pm

@Susan : I LOVE your detailed fantasy! Incidentally, our production facilities don't resemble at all what you imagined (you're thinking of large "mainstream Los Angeles porn studios.") Nonetheless, it's a great fantasy! Thanks for sharing it :) But, as other people pointed out, we must extend it!!! ;)

@shykatie : I really sympathize with your situation... A good place to start, as far as learning about enemas -- especially in terms of safety and erotic elements -- is our intro guide Ask the enema wizard

Also, please browse through the many fascinating stories on this message board, and feel free to ask questions :D

Last, by not least, check out some movies, especially "How to Give an Enema, Vol. 1 (Basic Enemas)", which was made with you (sort of) in mind :mrgreen: Incidentally, it features the sexy Missy, demonstrating how to give enemas. Here's a photo (Missy is standing on the right, in the red top):

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by shykatie » Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:18 pm

Susan, I loved your story, too!!

i've had an enema only once before, but i often fantasize about them when i masturbate. i'm trying to gather up my "courage" to re-visit them... :oops:
how did you get interested in them? maybe your stories, real or fictional, will inspire me :D

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by susanruby » Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:11 pm

Thank you dude, I appreciate that you enjoyed the story!

I was very inspired and excited that the Wizard of Ass replied to another post of mine on this site so decided to write this - he brought out the best in me as he does to all he meets!!

Because Missy is a real person and she and the Wizard work very hard together to provide us with awesome views I will not provide any more stories about her out of respect for their process apart from this story. We will all wait to see what the Wizard comes up with next with Missy!

I am not sure that he will be incorporating the more Mills and Boon-ish aspects of my story in his upcoming work ie their "romance" but I must be forgiven this indulgence - I am a girl after all! So no more Missy stories but I WILL say that as to the continuation of my fantasy please consider that I left with the Latino chauffeur and instead of being delivered to a mundane hotel I ended up in accommodation that saw me in more contact with the Wizard of Ass - I did not leave the US without much colonic cleansing! And if you join the site I can really recommend the Missy videos to come first!

Re: Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by enemadude2 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:19 pm

wow, great story!! i just joined the enemawizardvideo site, and after reading your story i'll make sure to download missy's films first :D

but just one thing: you traveled all the way across the pacific, and didn't even get an enema??? :? please get some enemas, or give them to missy, in your story's next installment :twisted:

Me, Missy and the Wizard of Ass

Post by susanruby » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:11 am

Touchdown. The plane hit the runway.

Had I really spent 15 hours travelling from Australia to America to meet people who I had only ever seen on my computer monitor (and with my hand usually snugly down my underpants)? It had all happened so quickly.

The Wizard finally caved into my not so subtle hints that I wanted to be present on a shoot involving Missy. I guess he must have liked the novelty value of me being from the land 'Down Under' or maybe all along he suspected that I wasn't a woman in my early 40's (and a Mum of a grown up girl to boot!) but a male who was jerking everyone along and was just calling my bluff!

It was still surreal to get the invitation to be at the studios. Being an absolute professional the Wizard had all sorts of stipulations. I was to remain seated at the back of the studio, under no circumstances was to talk and was certainly not to attempt to talk to Missy before the shoot if I saw her around.

She might come up to me after the shoot, the Wizard hinted in his letter but that would only be if she was not too tired: it would be entirely up to her in any event. There was also a weird directive that I had to wear a custom-made bathrobe, maybe it was to make Missy feel more comfortable that if a total stranger were to be there I would be in casual night attire.

I was met by a handsome young Latino man at LA airport waving a sign with my name on it. He collected my bags and led me out to a stretch limo and told me that the shoot was happening at a studio only half an hour away, though shooting could happen anywhere all over America.

I started to feel nervous as we sped along. What if I got so turned on watching all of the things that the Wizard would do to Missy's perfect, beautiful pussy that I would start to involuntarily orgasm. And of course, if I orgasm I involuntarily cry out. And then the take would be wrecked and it would cost them more time and money to do it again. And I would be chucked out of the studio!

As we sped past the weird Californian palm trees, I realized I could do something to make sure that I didn't lose it. I'd masturbate BEFORE I even got there so I had at least spanked the monkey beforehand.

I could see the driver with his eyes intent on the road and there was enough room in the limo to lie on the floor. I lay down and my fingers crept down to my already throbbing clit. Like the girls in the Wizards movies usually are, I was shaven all around my swollen lips with a little thatch of red pubic hair left at the front.

I pictured that I was on a desert island alone with Missy. We were lying naked side by side in the sand and caressing each other's hair. Then she rolled on top of me, her small pert nipples pressing hard into my larger, more womanly breasts as she passionately kissed me. Then her adorable hand found its way to between my legs and she artfully stroked my clitoris. On the verge of coming I shouted STOP and suggested a 69. With me on the bottom, I got the full sensory impact of her superior pussy and arse in my face - the sight, the smell, the silky delicious feel and the heavenly sweet taste of it all. And her sweet little tongue was darting expertly from my clit to the opening of my vagina. To the sound of the waves crashing I started to climax.

Lying there in the back of the limo with its darkened windows I shuddered and rolled around with the intensity of my orgasm. I jammed all of the fingers of one hand into my sodden vaginal tract. I pulled up my underwear and it was lucky I'd come when I did because the limo had just stopped.

As I pulled myself up to my seat I realized with a sinking feeling that there was a CCTV monitor in the limo cabin. The latino man opened the door and as I slid out I could see that there was a panel on the dashboard behind the steering wheel that enabled him to see everything that was happening in the cabin as he was driving along!

I dared to meet his eyes as he smiled warmly at me. He pointed out a modern low set office building. "Just go through the main doorway," he said. "I've already phoned the Wizard to let him know that you" I started laughing with embarrassment and before I knew it he had sped away.

I walked in through a glass sliding door and a very attractive young woman sprang up from behind the desk. "Oh my God, Susan", she said "My name is Connie. It's great to meet you. The Wizard wanted to say hi before the shoot but they've moved in to the first stages of production which is getting all of the equipment ready and in place. My job is to get you into your bathrobe..."

She took me into a large changing room area and handed me a deep blue velvet robe. I expected her to walk out but she just stood there, watching me. I thought I would seem uncool to turn away from her so I just stripped off everything except for my knickers and slipped on the robe, noticing that she stared at my breasts.

"Ok," she continued. "One of the production assistants will text me when it is time for you to be led in into the back of the studio. Remember what the Wizard told you."

I heard her phone beep and she held it up. "Ok now is the time" She led me through a labyrinth of corridors and through an unmarked cream door. It was a hive of activity in the small room.

A lady camerawoman was adjusting lenses and the Wizard was deep in conversation with an assistant as he held a huge black butt plug in his hands. He looked up and greeted me warmly. "Susan it is so lovely you are here,"he said in his cute European accent. "Missy is just on a tea break but we are all reconvening in two minutes" Connie showed me to a comfortable lounge seat and then disappeared.

As I snuggled into the lounge chair I saw a door at the back of the studio open and in walked Missy with one of those hospital gowns that do up at the back. She smiled at me before laying on an examination table tummy down. I could see her perfect, pert bottom.

"Missy," the Wizard said in his adorable accent. "We are debating something here. Our suppliers have sent us a much larger butt plug than we wanted. We could scrap the whole scene or we could try to see if you will take it, but it is up to you."

I saw Missy look pensively at the huge plug, her expressive almond-shaped brown eyes widening.

"I've had a fantasy that you will take me to another level with these butt plugs," she finally said. "Lately they've been going in too easily and I've moaned when they went in but it felt wrong because I wasn't really being stretched."

"I will be gentle with you,"the Wizard assured her.

"You are the only man I really truly trust," she said. "You think that I am out of your league but I love you and want you more than you know."

I saw the Wizard gulp with emotion as the production assistants pretended to get very busy with their equipment so that the two could have some privacy in this special, unexpected moment.

"So I take it that I can attempt the insertion," he said , attempting to regain professional composure though his voice was quavering.

"Yes." Missy's voice rang out clearly.

The camerawoman started to roll the film. The Wizard advanced towards Missy explaining that he needed to use a larger butt plug than usual and that all of the girls needed to have this done at some time. He gently but expertly spread her anus open and inserted a finger laden with heavy duty lubricant deep into her back passage. Missy gasped, with discomfort or pleasure one couldn't be sure.

The Wizard then smeared lubricant over the butt plug and gently placed the tip against Missy's ass. Like a delicate flower it opened with the pressure and the Wizard gently rotated the very large tip in. Slowly and expertly he pushed gently in and out as Missy's ass opened more and more. When it was about halfway in Missy let out a cry.

"Look," said the Wizard, "I don't think that you are going to make it."

"I can," said Missy.

The Wizard kept going with the butt plug and I had a great view of the enlarging hole. When her anal opening had widened so much with the butt plug it looked like a whole fist could go in her beautiful little sphincter snapped around to the narrow base. It was in.

"Cut," said the Wizard and the cameras stopped rolling. He gave Missy some water as she groaned with the fullness of the butt plug. The Wizard then looked over at me and to my horror I realized that my hand was down my underpants and I was absentmindedly masturbating.

"Ah the lady from Down Under", said the Wizard. "Perhaps there is something you can do with those hands!"

He beckoned to me to come over to the examination table. I looked around to see that the production crew had disappeared. It was just me, the Wizard and Missy.

I approached the table and Missy gave a shy smile. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable with the fullness of the plug.

"Now I am going to let you help me remove the plug" I was stunned. I was going to get near Missy's nether regions! He opened up Missy's butt cheeks and poured a bit of lube onto my index finger. He told me to gently rub my finger around Missy's anal sphincter as he gently pulled the butt plug out. The hole was stretched tight but as he pulled it out and the plug became narrower the opening puckered up. When it was finally out Missy let out a sigh of relief and the Wizard asked me to keep gently rubbing her anal entrance. Then he asked me to stop.

"Do you think you could take such a big plug?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," I said.

I became aware of Missy sliding off the examination table.

"Well, I think we are going to find out,"he said.

I felt an exquisite excitement soaring in me. How did the Wizard know that every time I watched him in an enema video I imagined being in his capable hands. He pulled up a stool, sat on it and patted his lap. "Over my lap," he said in a no-nonsense way. "Missy, please help Susan take off her robe?"

Missy came up beside me and gently slipped the robe off my shoulders. "It's ok,"she whispered. "He is so gentle".

I got over the Wizard's knee.

"Missy, lube up her hole and put two fingers in, please" he requested.

With a shudder I felt Missy's fingers gently caress my rectal opening and then plunge deep inside me.

"Would you say she's tight?"the Wizard asked Missy.

"No, not at all,"she said with a cute giggle.

I felt the tip of the huge butt plug press against my sphincter. Hungrily I opened for it and in much shorter time than it had been for Missy I had taken it all. I heard the Wizard ask Missy to gently rub my anal entrance as he pulled it out in the same way that I had done for her. My sexual excitement rocketed. I felt the Wizard feeling my pussy. "This Australian is wet," he remarked. I then felt him find my sensitive clit and begin rubbing with one hand, with the other hand continuing to extract the butt plug with the assistance of Missy's soothing rubbing. Suddenly I was coming so hard I was almost sobbing with ecstasy.

The Wizard let me lie across his lap until my shuddering subsided. He then asked Missy to help me up. She helped me put the bathrobe on.

She then said she was tired after a long days filming and disappeared back through the rear door, and I took one long last look at the Pegasus tattoo on the small of her back.

Connie appeared and the Wizard thanked me warmly for my assistance as myself and Connie went back into the changing area. I got dressed with Connie again watching me at all times and then emerged into the warm LA day where the Latino driver took me sightseeing for the rest of the day.